Diabetic Eye Exam

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Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetic Eye Exam services offered in Oviedo, FL

It’s crucial to undergo an annual diabetic eye exam if you have diabetes. Routine checkups can catch problems like diabetic retinopathy and cataracts early on before they become more serious. At Central Florida Ophthalmology in Oviedo, Florida, ophthalmologist Dr. Jeffrey R. Golen, MD, offers personalized diabetic eye exams. Call Central Florida Ophthalmology today to request a diabetic eye exam or make your appointment online.

Diabetic Eye Exam

What is a diabetic eye exam?

A diabetic eye exam assesses your risk of diabetes-related vision problems.

Diabetes is a disease that affects how your body produces (or uses) blood sugar. Blood sugar provides fuel for your muscles and cells, but too much of it causes lasting damage to your blood vessels and nerves.

If the blood vessels at the back of your eye near the retina become damaged, you may experience vision loss or blindness.

Long term, diabetes can also accelerate and worsen cataract formation.

Regular diabetic eye exams with Dr. Golen can help preserve your vision, and alert you to any potential problems.

Who can benefit from a diabetic eye exam?

Anyone with diabetes can benefit from an annual diabetic eye exam. That’s especially true if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Blurry vision
  • Dark or empty areas in your field of vision
  • Flashes or floaters
  • Partial or total vision loss

Diabetes-related eye problems often take months or years to cause noticeable symptoms. When caught early on, diseases like diabetic retinopathy are much easier to manage and treat. 

What does a diabetic eye exam involve?

Dr. Golen reviews your medical records, asks about your lifestyle and health history, and completes a comprehensive eye exam.

Next, he may order an additional test called an OCT:

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

OCT is a diagnostic imaging procedure that captures cross-sectional photos of your eyes. The images show the thickness of your retina and help Dr. Golen identify swelling of the retina that can be caused by diabetes. 

How can I keep my eyes healthy if I have diabetes?

If you have diabetes, there are various things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and problem-free. Dr. Golen recommends:

  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Calling the office immediately if you have any vision problems
  • Attending annual eye exams
  • Quitting smoking (if you smoke)
  • Following up with your primary care provider 

If you take insulin or other diabetes medications, make sure to use them as prescribed.

Call the practice of Dr. Jeffrey Golen today if it’s time for your annual diabetic eye exam, or make your appointment online.