Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eye Clinic

Offerings for patients with Dry Eye Disease.

Welcome to the Dry Eye Clinic Page for Central Florida Ophthalmology! Here we discuss the Dry Eye offering for Central Florida Ophthalmology. Dry eye is the most common diagnosis I make in my clinic. Even more often than cataracts! Why is it so common? I feel that a big reason is how you are reading this content right now! Screentime! We know that looking at screens to include iPads, cell phones, can decrease your blink rate by 40%! Another factor that plays a big role in Florida is air conditioning. Finally, nutrition, age, genetics, and hormones also all play a role. 

At Central Florida Ophthalmology, we are building a clinic to give the tools to the dry eye sufferer to live a more normal life. As we all know, there is no cure to dry eye, but there are a number of treatments that we can help with, including optimizing over the counter treatments, prescription eye drops anti-inflammatory drops, prescription steroid drops, punctal plugs, and our newest offering: TearCare with meibomian gland expression. 

Please stay tuned for more updates and content!

If you are a patient struggling with Dry Eye Disease, Blepharitis, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Sjogren's Syndrome, or any realated condition, please reach out to us for a consultation with Dr. Golen.